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Saturday, April 18, 2009 '
For my Couzbest
Just got envy! lol. My cousin just graduate today.
Envy! I'm happy for her but, i can't help it. Kaingget! hehe.

Anyway, the reason why i get envy whenever i have relatives that are graduating, my parents, for sure would always compare me to them. Although we're cousins, we are different. They are bright and intelligent, while me NO. They are industrious and studying very hard, while me NOT.

Calling my cousin! My note to you! mwuah!


I'm happy for you, i know there's a good future waiting for you and i hope you wouldn't change. Stay humble as you are. I really miss you my Cousbez. And hey! what are you waiting for? Mag bar na tayong CHEROMECAH! diba, lilibre mo kame! :)

Done in my drama! Just want to greet my cousin here specially. I really miss her. ^^,

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Thursday, April 16, 2009 '
Summer Class
Errr. At last at last. Im done enrolling my summer class! Been into long a process of enrolling. Ang ineeet!


Summer na summer. Mainit.

everywhere i go, its effin hot. And now what? I'll leave home everyday for the sake of studying. Yeah yeah yeah. How many years na kong nagaaral. Almost 14 years of studying. After studying, ano ba patutunguhan?. Not sure if its a good or not bad future waiting for me. But as what other always tell me. Think Positive. daw.

Oh my badness. Nakakasawa na magaral.

Attending summer class is not in my plans neither on my desire's list. It's my mother's command. *sigh*

"Badtrip summer na summer, magaaral pa. Sana yun pinangtuition niyo sakin pinangswimming nalang naten."
Sinabi ko.. sa sarili ko. Ofcourse i can't tell this to my mother personally.
What can i do? Anak lang eh.

But i didn't even regret enrolling, there are two good things if i attend summer.
Good thing is i have my money! (so that i can go to the Pulp Summer Slam! wooohoo!
Next to it is, i'll be keeping in touch with my buddies. I miss my buddies so much.

Bad thing. It's a fcuking shame! Everybody would see you in your school uniforms automatically, first thing in their mind, you are "bagsak". *sigh*

Anyway, like others usually says "That's life".

Yeah yeah yeah. This is life. Acceptance. ~~ Yes, accept everything. Summer class is not a big thing, anyways. Right? ~~~


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 '
My mentor
Last Sunday, April 6. After attending the sunday mass, my youngest sister saw my favorite teacher during elementary. Until now, he's still my favorite teacher.

Suddenly, my mother said :
"Yun yun katangi tanging titser na nagtiwala kay melody eh.. haha"

That day, being out of place with my family and previously disappointed, i simply uttered;

"Buti nga yun titser ko na yun, nagtiwala sakin kesa naman sa nanay ko mismo.."

Then my mother hit me in my cheeks, "Gaga! walang tiwala ka dyan!" Then i didn't say anything against her. I know deep inside i hitted her heart when i told her that. I kept quiet instead.

-- Okay. okay.

Back to my favorite teacher, Mansala. The famous and funniest science teacher during my elementary days, would always be my favorite teacher of all times. And of course, i wouldn't ever forget this man. He was my very first favorite teacher and the one who first to trust my knowledge and abililty.

As far as i can remember:

Mr. Mansala: Melody, ikaw yun lalaban sa science ha?
Melody: (Answered unseriously) Oho. I answered unrespectful but he didn't even bother. I have mixed emotion that time. I'm happy because i'm the chosen one. Next, i'm nervous because it's my first time to join a 'brain' contest.

That day, when i arrived home, i told it to my mother and she laughed. She thinks i'm joking and making fun. She doesn't believe me at all. And it reached to the point my mother called my teacher just to confirm if i'm telling a truth. Oh diba, walang tiwala and mother ko? Kaloka.


Anyway, i do really miss my teacher. To describe him, he's one of a kind. best teacher for me. I've learned different lessons from him.He's not not just an ordinary science teacher but also a mentor. I've remembered after the 'laban' i've come to him sad and wasted. It feels like he made a mistake for choosing me as the representative of our section. It's a shame on him being the famous teacher that his representative didn't even bring the 3rd place.

I hugged at him. Then he said : "Okay lang yan! Bakit ka ba umiiyak?" Para kasing ako yun nahihiya para sa kanya eh.. My barkada were all laughing na nga eh, kinakantsawan ako.. hehe

But i wan't to say sorry to my teacher but i think i hadn't. If i have to choose my 2nd father, i don't hesitate to choose this MR. Mansala. When we crossed our ways, i hope, he still know me and didn't forget me. It's been an 8 years since he's not my teacher and mentor anymore. I do miss him. Oh by the way, another thing, when he's mad either angry, he got red. They say, pinaglihi kase sa mansanas! I really miss you sir!


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